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Great Weekend Off Island for four Club Members

13th May 2019


Great results this weekend for the club. 


Louise Woolrich finished a fabulous 2nd place in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Warming up nicely for the forthcoming Island Games in Gibraltar. 👏


Jon Woolrich had a top 10 place after getting caught on the wrong side in the bunch sprint for his race. 


Becky Steens and Flo Cox were racing in the Lincoln Grand Prix. This is a brutal race with all the top teams present. Both survived the numerous crashes, with Flo getting a very creditable 29th place. Becky got caught up with the back markers on one of the climbs and gradually lost time, until her group were flagged out.

Both girls enjoyed the experience immensely and undoubtedly will have gained a massive boost leading up to the games.



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