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Race Programme - Jay Morris Memorial Road Race 2019

12th August 2019

Please find below a PDF version of the 2019 Race Programme:




*If viewing on a mobile the images will be viewable at the bottom of the page


It is important that you read the contents of this race programme even if you are familiar with the race course. 

Event HQ: Watersplash Beach Bar & Diner car park, Grand Route des Mielles (aka Five Mile Road), St Ouen.   Please note that the car park is sandy so take care not to clog up your cleats, in particular if it is wet. (Image 1)





















Facilities and toilets:  There are no changing facilities at the race HQ.  There are public toilets just under 1 mile south of the Race HQ at La Braye and around 1.5 miles north of the race HQ at the far end of Grand Route des Mielles (aka Five Mile Road) opposite Jersey Pearl. 

Feed Zone: There will be no official feeding zone, but if you wish to receive bottles from the road side a suitable place would be towards the top of the Mont du Jubilé (aka Mount Jubilee) climb.  You must take bottles from the left hand side of the road. 

If you wish to discard empty water bottles, please do so on the left hand side of the road as you pass the start/finish line and collect them at the end of the race. 

Litter: Dropping of litter will not in any circumstances be accepted and riders will be disqualified if they are observed dropping gel wrappers or other litter.  If you cannot put an empty gel wrapper into a pocket or stuff it down your jersey, do not take the gel in the first place.  


Race convoy: There will be a single car or motorbike driving at the head of the race.  You must not pass the lead vehicle; doing so will result in disqualification.  The lead vehicle will neutralise the race if necessary for safety reasons (e.g. due to traffic or horses) and any gaps between riders will be restored upon the restart.

Service: There will be no neutral service available at this event. Team or personal service cars or following vehicles are not permitted. There is no allocated pit area at this event.  If you suffer a mechanical and cannot return to race HQ, please make your way to the nearest marshal. 

Signing on: Please ensure you sign on, and do so on time.  The organiser may refuse to accept riders signing on after the sign on close time, and the organiser will not allow a rider to start if he or she has not signed on.  See "Event itinerary" below for more information on timings. 


Numbers: Numbers must always be clearly visible during the race. Where a number cannot be seen, the rider concerned may not be placed. 

Cars, bikes & equipment:  The race organiser will not be responsible for any damage cause to equipment during the event (for example caused by crashes), equipment left at the race HQ or cars parked at the race HQ. 

Marshals: Marshals in Jersey are not empowered to stop traffic.  You are racing on open roads, and must approach all junctions with that in mind.  Marshals do not create road closures or make it safe to race on the right-hand side of the road.  Marshals are stationed to point out the race route and, where feasible, attempt to warn riders of oncoming hazards (or the lack thereof). 


The course: 

The Jay Morris Memorial Road Race is held on the Watersplash circuit with a sprint finish. 

Below is: (i) a link to the course which is downloadable to most GPS devices with navigation functions; (ii) a map of the course; and (iii) an elevation profile, in each case for a single lap.  

The race will start and finish on Five Mile Road by the race HQ.  There will be no neaturalised roll-out. (Image 2 & 3)

































Race format:

There will be two races, one lasting seven laps (approximately 52 miles) and one lasting five laps (approximately 37 miles).  Those who usually race in Division One or the top half of Division Two will be best suited to the seven lap race. 



There are no cash prizes, but the winner of the seven lap race will receive the Jay Morris Memorial Trophy.  There will also be plaques awarded to the winner of the seven lap race, the winner of the five lap race and the highest placed female.  Whilst women can enter the seven lap race, to be eligible for the female winner's plaque women must compete in the five lap race as it is expected that too few women will enter the seven lap race to make it competitive.  


Course hazards: 

There is a right hand turn across oncoming traffic from Rue Coentryn into Route du Marais (aka Hydrangia Avenue).  Whilst this junction will be marshalled, as noted above marshals are not empowered to stop traffic so caution must be exercised.  The left hand turns on the course are all from and into roads with two lanes and white centre-line markings, the exception being the left hand turn from Route de Trodez into Rue Coentryn which is tight and blind.

Horses and agricultural machinery (such as tractors) might be encountered at any point on the course. Horses are particularly common in the vicinity of Rue Coentryn.   

The above is not a definitive list of the hazards on the course. Please allow enough time to ride or drive around the course to familiarise yourself with the route and major hazards before the race start.



Event itinerary: The schedule is provisional and maybe subject to change.


06:15 - 06:50 Signing on @ HQ


06:40 Marshals briefing @ HQ


06:55 Riders briefing @ Start / finish line


07:00 Race starts @ Start / finish line



Safety:   You are not on closed roads and you will face oncoming traffic.  It is your responsibility to be vigilant and comply with applicable road traffic laws and the Jersey Highway Code.  The organiser may disqualify riders who are observed (including by marshals) to be riding dangerously, such as by using the oncoming lane when it is not safe to do so (e.g. when cornering or overtaking where there is no clear line of sight), crossing solid white lines or ignoring give way to oncoming traffic signs.  

You are not permitted to descend sitting on the top tube of your bike, and doing so may result in disqualification.

Anyone who has not recently done so should familiarise themselves with British Cycling's "Race Smart":

Horses: Please be considerate of horse riders. Horses may behave unpredictably, in particular if startled by cyclists approaching from behind.  If you encounter horses, please slow down and make the horse and rider aware that you are approaching. 



  • Bad language will not be tolerated, in particular towards race organisers, marshals or members of the public, and any reports of it may result in the rider concerned being disqualified.


  • You may be disqualified for littering, passing the lead vehicle or riding dangerously (see the headings "Litter", "Race convoy" and "Safety" above).


Repeat offenders may be subject to a permanent or temporary ban on entering future events run by Velo Sport Jersey.  


Your behaviour:  Rider behaviour is critical to protecting the future of racing in Jersey; Jersey's cycle racing community is regularly subject to scrutiny by Parish officials and local residents.  We all have a part to play: please look after each other, be respectful of other road users, pedestrians and local residents, and behave responsibly and safely.  Do not take unnecessary risks; your actions could have serious consequences. This is, after all, only a hobby. 


Insurance:  Velo Sport Jersey has public liability insurance in respect of events it organisers, but this insurance does not extend to claims from one competitor against another.  You are strongly encouraged to obtain your own insurance, for example through British Cycling. 


Governing body: Whilst Velo Sport Jersey is affiliated with British Cycling, this event is not run under British Cycling rules or the rules of any other UCI governing body. 

Race Organiser:  Please contact the Velo Sport Committee via email at if you have any queries or comments.

Signing on sheet


Race programme:  You must read the race programme, even if you are familiar with the course.  The race programme contains importance information about race safety, the standards expected of you and actions that may result in disqualification. By signing on to enter the race you acknowledge that you have read the race programme in full and agree to be bound by its contents. 


Liability:  To the extent permitted by law, the organiser, members of the organising club and marshals accept no responsibility or liability for: (i) injury caused to, or by, competitors during this event; or (ii) damage caused to equipment during the event, equipment left at the race HQ or cars parked at the race HQ.  Competitors are responsible for their own safety and that of other competitors, road users and pedestrians.  As noted in the race programme (see "Marshals") the marshals are there to point out the course route, and are not empowered to stop traffic, nor are they under any obligation whatsoever to warn you of oncoming hazards notwithstanding that they may attempt to do so.  By signing on to enter the race you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the foregoing. 


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