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Travel grants


You may be eligible to receive a subsidy payment towards any travel expenses incurred whilst racing at off-island cycling events, providing you are representing Velo Sport Jersey (VSJ).  The subsidy amounts available are up to £100 towards a UK event and up to £70 towards an event in France (subject to a cap of £500 per member in each calendar year).  The VSJ Committee is responsible for considering all travel expense applications and agreeing the subsidy payments.

To apply for a subsidy payment, please complete this application form and send it to

Please note:


Subsidy payments are made at the sole descretion of the Committee. Please submit your travel expense application form at least 14 days before the race event is scheduled.  Applications which are received after the race event has taken place will not be accepted.  


VSJ kit must be worn unless a rider is riding for Team Jersey or a UK/Continental team and they are expected to wear the team’s respective kit.  Please provide details on the application form.


If, after reviewing your application, the Committee decides to award you a subsidy payment, they will notify you in writing before the event and will confirm how much you will receive. The amount will be paid to you after the event on the condition that you confirm you have worn VSJ kit and have submitted a race report.


The race report should be submitted to the Race Committee within 7 days of the event and should be of a high enough standard that it can be published on the VSJ website, the VSJ Facebook page and/or local media.


If you are not awarded a subsidy payment, the Committee will explain the reason(s) why. 



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