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Dan Halksworth - Paul Simon Homes RR - Cat 2/3/4

April 01, 2015


The weekend just gone saw me travelling over to the UK for my first road race. Something that I never thought I would be doing but something now I really wish I had done earlier. Leading up to the race I couldn't have been more nervous. Being completely out of my comfort zone is a position I haven't been in for a while.
The Paul Simon Homes race was a 122km 9 lap road race on open roads. Not as quiet as a Sunday morning sprint around St Ouen. Signing on and seeing everyone smash out some time on the turbo got me even more nervous so I went out for a little spin in the poring wind and rain on my own. After briefing they literally raced out of the car park behind the lead car and I quickly made myself to the back of the group as I couldn't see a  thing with all the water spray. That's pretty much where I stayed for 6 laps. Just sitting in seeing people drop off the pace in front of me and then putting in an effort to get back on. It was the safest place with a few spills and people dropping out every few km's with flat tyres.

Coming on to the seventh lap I could see two guys were off the front with a couple of guys between them and the main pack that was down at least 30 riders already. I decided it was time to start racing and made a break quickly catching the two guys and chasing the lead two down fast. After about 5 k of hard work that was it I got a puncture and with no support vehicle behind us that was my race over. An expensive weekend but good fun and lots learnt. I'm certainly not as nervous now and looking forward to getting away this weekend to race the two stage race in Devon.


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