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All racing members will be required to marshall events. It is your responsibility to check the Marshalling schedule and be aware of your allocated marshalling duties. If you cannot make an event, you will have to organise to swap with another rider or field a replacement marshall.


A Facebook Page has been created by a couple of  local cyclists to share with others if you would like/need to swap your assigned marshalling duties -


Clarification of Marshalling Rules:


1) If you cannot marshal a race you have been allocated, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap and let the race organiser know. Failure to do so may result in race cancellation and your name being announced at the event.

2) The role of the marshal is to indicate the way to the rider. Wear your marshal’s tabard.


3) In practice, you may wish to request traffic to stop at junctions to avoid riders colliding with traffic. However, marshals have no legal right to stop traffic and you should be aware of this if challenged by a member of the public or police.


4) It is helpful to shout out warnings to riders of oncoming/stationary vehicles, horses and other assorted hazards at junctions.


5) On some time trials there may be riders coming from both directions, be alert to this and give them a shout if they look likely to collide at a junction. This can only really happen if a rider crosses the white line into an oncoming rider’s path, in which case it is their fault, not yours!


6) Be aware who the organiser is and ideally have their mobile number in case of an accident/incident.  


7) Some races can be cold and wet, especially in early season, so come prepared.


8) Be aware how long the event should last. With a bit of luck the last rider on a time trial may let you know!


Marshaling Sign Up

All racing members are required to sign up to the Jersey Cycling Association's Marshaling List - Sign Up Here!

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