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Winter Training Rides 2015

October 20, 2015


During the winter season VSJ race committee will be organizing our successful structured training stamina rides on Sundays. 


They will focus on building endurance to give a solid foundation upon which to add your own tailored training sessions.  All rides will be carried out at a moderate pace and they will be continuous with a café stop at the end. 


They will feature different routes each week, with a mixture of hilly and flat terrain. The routes will be pre-determined by the race committee. 


If you have a personalised training plan that dictates a different style of ride, please ensure this is done separately to these rides as we are catering for riders who wish to build an aerobic foundation through these low-intensity endurance rides. 


Rides will start and finish at the steam clock.  Riders can ’peel off’ earlier but the aim for every rider should be to complete the ride and de-brief over coffee. 


Helmets are mandatory for all organized club rides.


1st November 2014 - 2hrs 20mins (approx. 60km) Mick

8th November 2014 - 2hrs30mins Colm

15th November 2014 - 2hrs 40mins Martin

22nd November 2014 - 2hrs 20mins John

29th November 2014 – 2hrs 30mins Bob

6th December 2014 - 2hrs 20mins Mick

13th December 2014 - 2hrs 40mins Colm

20th December 2014 - 2hrs 40mins Bob

27nd December 2014 - 2hrs 20mins Colm

3rd January 2015 – 2hrs 40mins Mick

10th January 2015 – 2hrs 40mins Martin

17th January 2015 – 2hrs 40mins Colm

24th January 2015   - 2hrs 40mins Bob

31st January 2015  - 3hrs Mick

7th February 2015 – 3hrs Martin

14th February 2015 – 3hrs John

21st February 2015 – 3hrs Bob

28th February 2015 – 3hrs Martin


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